Scada for Raspberry pi

Qt/C++ developed SCADA for the raspberry pi 3 and 4 architectures.

Cross-platform (Ubuntu Linux supported, Windows x86/64 mingw64)

Development environment prepared for Ubuntu Linux 20.04

What I get?

  • Access to customized git repository with source code and libraries
  • Raspberry pi 3 and Raspberry pi 4 images
  • Windows x86/64 mingw64 libraries and images
  • Database based plc configuration (postgresql)
  • Technical support from netplc’s software developers

Communication protocols supported:

  • Siemens ISO/TCP
  • Omron FinsGW/TCP and Omron FinsGW/UDP
  • Modbus RTU and Modbus/TCP
  • OPCUA (open62541)

Integrated development environment (qtcreator)